Satyricon – Live At The Opera

590_Satyricon_MBTR“… on September 8, 2013 Satyricon shared the stage with the Norwegian Opera Choir in Oslo – a monumental extravaganza that has been captured on DVD and two bonus CDs…”

Satyricon had previously done a version of ‘To The Mountains’ with the Royal Norwegian Opera Chorus. From this grew the idea of doing an entire show. A fine idea, and one that everyone has put a great deal of work into; this isn’t some half-arsed, stick the band on in front of a choir idea.

No, this is a live ‘greatest hits’ with a difference. The songs are faithful, yet radically different. From the Venom-esque ‘Now, Diabolical’ to the classic ‘K.I.N.G’, the whole set is epic, moving and superb.

There is a lot of talk about who the next big metal bands will be, the ones to fill the gaps already left by the likes of Pantera, and in the next five to ten years to be left by Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Saxon and others.

(Napalm Records)Satyricon 07092013-06

You can add Satyricon to the list of next big arena-filling metal bands. They’ve earned it and deserve it. Just listen to ‘Live At The Opera’ for proof.


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