Behold! The Monolith – Architects of the Void


Behold one of the few (if not the only one I can think of) “noun the verb” bands that doesn’t play metalcore. Instead, The Monolith deals in stoner/sludge stuff somewhat akin to High on Fire and/or Lord Dying, with song titles (and artwork) that would give The Sword’s J.D. Cronise a hard-on. Actually, not gonna lie, the album cover of this record is pretty badass…

Architects begins on a slow note with “Umbral Vale” giving off more of a Neurosis, post-sludge vibe… aside from the blackened, bleakened vocals more akin to death-doom. “Philosopher’s Blade” sounds more like Pike and company, especially once they pick up the tempo, first to more of a mid-paced march, and eventually to a full-on black/thrash attack.

Likewise, black metal abounds on “The Midthriditist,” which also contains slow, forlorn passages that wouldn’t sound outta place on Souls at Zero, while the heavy sludge of “Lord of Bones” reminds me of Noothgrush. You’d almost swear these guys were from Oakland, not Los Angeles!

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8.0 Rating