Opium Lord – The Calendrical Cycle: Eye of Earth


Can’t say I’m too familiar with Opium Lord, a UK sludge outfit, but they’re coming to Toronto with Primitive Man on July 17, which is reason enough for me to check out their debut album here.

The Calendrical Cycle: Eye of Earth opens right off the bat with the type of down-tuned riffage that instantly brings Noothgrush to mind, with some equally caustic vocal venom spewed overtop.  The band goes all low ‘n slow on “Pink Mass,” crawling along at a three-hundred-pound snail’s pace and crushing everything in its path.  “Crystals” is just as putrid and plodding as fellow blackened doomsters Primitive Man…which can be considered a compliment in this case. “Azazel” is about as blackened as the dark lord himself.

In any case, I certainly won’t be showing up late on Friday night.

(Candlelight Records)

(Opium Lord on Bandcamp)

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7.0 Rating