Venomous Maximus – Firewalker


Though I don’t consider Venomous Maximus to be doom—they’re a little too up-tempo, IMO—these guys definitely stole the show at the third installment of Days of the Doomed fest a couple years back. They sure sold a lotta copies of their first CD that night… I didn’t buy one myself, but I’m still looking forward to their sophomore effort.

After a brief intro, “White Rose” gets things started with a Maiden-style stomp—more like early ’80s Maiden, mind you. Despite its much darker moniker, “Through the Black” takes a similar approach, chugging along like vintage mid-paced Priest or even Accept. “Dark Waves” definitely slows things down, as doomy tempos abound amongst the semi-whispered vocals, but the tune still maintains a more trad-metal feel—more chugging than lingering, I reckon.

There is more that a bit of a power-metal backdrop to “Angel Heart,” minus the frilly forays through the forest—this track still has bite. “My Machine” adds some horror-movie vocals to a driving metal track, before the slower pace of “Fire in the Night” takes things towards the closing “Take on the Grave.”

In a way, this band reminds me a bit of local outfit Demontage. Occult-influenced true metal that’s not doom… but if you’re into doom, you’d probably dig this, too.


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7.5 Rating