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I’ve been a big Ufomammut fan, ever since the release of their 2010 album, Eve.  Their earlier work was much harder to find on these shores, but I’m super-stoked to be seeing them at the Mod Club in May.  That said, their most recent recent slipped under my radar for a couple months. Hmm…

Ecate opens with “Somnium,” a near-10-minute epic with an extended keyboard intro before the percussion comes into play.  After a few minutes, the first driving riffs signal that all is well in the Ufomammut camp, their heavy brand of Neurossian post-sludge remaining fully intact.

“Plouton” is a Ufommamut rarity—a non-instrumental, non-interlude that nevertheless clocks in at just over three minutes.  The swirling psychedelic backdrop lends support to rough, distorted vocals, sounding something like Sons of OTIS on blotter acid.  But “Chaosecret” offers more typical fare, an 11-minute knuckle-dragger that moves along at a snail’s pace.

“Temple” serves up a hearty helping of thick, Sleepy sludge riffs before the Church of Misery-style stomp of “Daemons” brings the album to a close. A compact 46 minutes, complete with Exorcist keyboard outtro.  No complaints here!

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