AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: Apostle of Solitude/Orodruin/Saints and Winos @ Flour City Station, Rochester, NY, May 1, 2015

I haven’t been heading down to the States for shows very often since our dollar dropped far below par.  But I still had a few bucks lying around from my last U.S. trip, and with two of my favourite American doom bands playing within driving distance, I figured it was worth the effort.  I was pleasantly surprised by the reception at Flour City Station, a relatively new music venue in Rochester’s East End.  I’d say the place is a giant leap up from customary local metal haunt The Bug Jar–and while I couldn’t see the likes of Eyehategod playing there, it offered a solid setting for the evening’s entertainment:


From the sounds of their set, you would’ve sworn local opener Saints and Winos were from Rochester, Maryland (which I don’t think is an actual place).  Heavily influenced by Pentagram and The Obsessed, this heavy trio got the evening off to a solid, if somewhat belated, start.

AOS Rochester 003

AOS Rochester 006

AOS Rochester 007

AOS Rochester 010

AOS Rochester 011

AOS Rochester 014

Always a treat to see Orodruin live, especially since they hardly head up to Toronto anymore.  These original members of the Circle of True Doom (alongside Reverend Bizarre, The Gates of Slumber and a couple others) have hardly released anything since their celebrated split with the Bizarre Reverend over a decade ago, but their riffage remains timeless–and they continually deliver in the live setting.

AOS Rochester 017

AOS Rochester 018

AOS Rochester 019

AOS Rochester 020

AOS Rochester 022

AOS Rochester 024

AOS Rochester 025

AOS Rochester 027

AOS Rochester 031

AOS Rochester 034

AOS Rochester 038

AOS Rochester 041

AOS Rochester 042

AOS Rochester 046

Apostle of Solitude took the stage well past the witching hour–a time well-suited for their downtrodden, depressive doom.  Their set was culled mostly from latest album Of Woe and Wounds, songs on which the dual vocal harmonies contributed by recently recruited guitarist Steve Janiak really add to the proceedings.  Would’ve liked to hear “December Drives Me to Tears,” but hey, tis the beginning of May, so I suppose we’re well past that season at this point.

AOS Rochester 047

AOS Rochester 049

AOS Rochester 050

AOS Rochester 051

AOS Rochester 052

AOS Rochester 055

AOS Rochester 056

AOS Rochester 060

AOS Rochester 062

AOS Rochester 063

AOS Rochester 064

AOS Rochester 070

AOS Rochester 071

AOS Rochester 072

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