White Hills – Walks for Motorists


This ironically titled outing is album number 13 from uber-prolific NYC psych rockers White Hills, who’ve surely cranked out more albums in the last 10 years than anyone not named Acid Mothers Temple. A melodic mish-mash of garage rock, digi-pop and psych-rock freakouts—no two songs sound the same, but all contain the same footprint.

The synth-driven “LSD and USD” borders on new wave, while “Lead the Way” uses the same digital effects on a mellower number that recalls Quest for Fire. While not nearly as lengthy, “We Are What You Are” contains a soaring refrain over crashing percussion that certainly sticks in your head. And if you like some techno mixed in with your psychedelics, “Automated City” is the place to be.

Even though I don’t drive, I’ll admit this is a pretty relaxing stroll.


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7.0 Rating