Video Premiere: DEAD ASYLUM – Forgotten Sacrifice

Hellbound is proud to present the video premiere of “Forgotten Sacrifice” by Vancouver melodic death metal quartet Dead Asylum.


Dead Asylum formed in Vancouver, BC at the end of 2011, featuring vocalist/guitarist Mike Lister, vocalist/guitarist Tyler Forde, bassist Tyler Meierhofer and drummer Samantha Landa. Dead Asylum’s style spans the spectrum of metal–combining elements of thrash and death with melodic and grooving overtones–and echoes elements of band influences such as Kreator, Amon Amarth and Exodus.

“Forgotten Sacrifice” was filmed with Vancouver-based director Joshua Keith Young and intersperses performance footage along with a story line that tells the story of someone who is held captive, does their best to escape and, ultimately, gets their revenge after death.

For more information on the band, please visit their facebook page

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