FURIA – Nocel

Man, at times like this, I wish I had a hint of Polish vocabulary. Anyhow, hello, blackened thrash! Right away we get evil chanting. Vocals viciously spitting out over a crunchy riff. It’s a perfect delivery and then the beautiful riffage blossoms into a beautiful solo, coming into an expansive bridge. That’s just in the first two offerings of this nicely put together eight-track album by Poland’s FURIA.

I hadn’t spent much time with any of the full-lengths from this band in the past, so I was pleased to find that aside from that (expected, from their name) furiously thrashy sound, they are versatile too. Using a variety of elements appropriately, this album proves very melodically appealing and even calmly mellow and dreamy at times (“Nigdy I Nigdzie”).

“Zamawianie Drugie” – this featured track is where they really captured my attention. I was reduced to one-word reactions to it – “Yowza. Unf!” In this addictively catchy song, they prove they know how to spoil a listener with an amazingly chanty chorus. The guitar screams, wails, it sings.

I loved spelling out “Niezwkla Nieludzka Nieprzyzwoito,” and then noting that it sounds completely evil. Followed by sounding glorious! Epic, even, as the thrashy attitude persists. A spoken clear shout turns into a growl. Further epicness follows. Echo. Crescendo. A long track that transitions a lot…. drop!…. heavy bass! … double kick! A single phrase is uttered sorrowfully, then the thrashy tempo returns accompanied by a spacey synth. That’s versatile.

Pagan Records (www.pagan-records.com/en-releases-moon96.html)

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