Karma to Burn – Arch Stanton


You always kinda know what you’re getting from Karma to Burn.  Debut album aside, on which Roadrunner insisted they add vocals, they’ve always been an instrumental band, with song titles consisting simply of numbers—they’re up to 59 now.  And while they took a seven-year break just past the turn of the century, they’ve been cranking out their “heavy-rocking, goat-esque, instrumental hits” (to quote the sleeve of their previous LP) for the better part of two decades now.

And hey, maybe I’m not really sure where “Fifty Three” ends and “Fifty Four” begins, and I probably won’t instantly recognize either if they play ’em live… but really, it’s all about the jams, man!  Heavy fuzz riffs, propulsive percussion, and just enough bass to add that extra layer of buried treasure.  Well worth a trek across the desert. 😉

Karma to Burn recently played Toronto and are still on tour in the US: www.k2burn.net.

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7.5 Rating