Dö – Den EP


You’d think that with a name like , these guys would be completely unGoogleable, but in fact both the second and third search-engine results are related to this band.  I guess the umlaut must be what does it.

Anyhoo, this Finnish doom trio has just put out its second EP, a half-hour slab of blackened, stoned sludge.  “For the Worms” starts things off with a guitar that’s either acoustic or simply unplugged, before lauching into some Sleepy stoner/doom riffage, with maybe just a pinch of Reverend Bizarre thrown in.  That said, these vocals are none more black, somewhat unsurprisingly Scandinavian.  “Frostbites” has even more of a raw black-metal feel, befitting of its title, though there are a few riffs here that are more reminiscent of Black Pyramid or similarly sludgy Vancouverites Mendozza.

“Hex” is the shortest song at a shade over six, though tis certainly not the speediest, coming in slow and looming like the OM tune it wants to be, but also mixing in elements of sludge along with a couple black-metal riffs.  That said, the Gollum-style vocals aren’t quite so precious in this context.  And while “The Moon Follows Us” sounds sorta like an Immortal title, there isn’t too much tremolo picking here.  In the end, this is a competently executed EP, but the songs are just as non-descript as the band’s name.

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5.0 Rating