Lo-Pan – Colossus


I didn’t love the last Lo-Pan album when it came out, but having seen ’em live a couple times since, I can dig it.  You could probably file this one under “Stoner Rock” with its big, fuzzy riffs, heavy grooves and soaring vocals… although it’s not necessarily something you’d hit a bong to. Actually, might as well just call these guys “Whatever Kinda Music Red Fang Plays.”  There are certainly some sonic similarities to be heard here.

Colossus kicks off with “Regulus,” and those heavy grooves are apparent from the get-go.  This actually sounds a little like 90s alt rock, post-grunge, but with better riffs.  “Land of the Blind” has a nice bounce to it with an extended wail on the up-tempo chorus and just a touch of Kyuss in the breakdowns.  Sure enough, “Black Top Revelation” has the kind of southern-rock riffage you’d expect from such a title, while the six-and-a-half minute “Marathon Man” puts the rubber to the road for a driving, up-tempo tune that sounds straight outta Sweden (Lowrider, Truckfighters, etc).

The title track is every bit as crushing as its moniker implies, a solidly pounding monster of giant riffs and super-sized grooves with a punishing chorus hook that’ll really damage ya.  Heavy riffs abound on subsequent tuneage such as “Vox,” “Eastern Seas” and heartfelt John Wayne tribute tune “The Duke.”  Maaaan, listening to this thing in the morning makes for a killer hangover breakfast!

(Small Stone Recordings)

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8.0 Rating