The Proselyte – Our Vessel’s in Need


In case you’re wondering, a proselyte is a new convert to a religion or a cause.  Which is to say, this Boston-based outfit might have a few proselytes of its own after they hear this EP.  Their press kit describes them as Torche meets the Melvins, and they certainly capture that lighter, almost poppier side of sludge rock.  And hey, a couple of these guys are also in the slightly-more-successful outfit Phantom Glue, so there ya go.

“End Regions” starts things off, fittingly enough, with religious chants, before kicking into a mid-tempo stomper that brings to mind some of the more successful practitioners of Georgia post-sludge (Baroness, Mastodon, Kylesa et al).  “Log Computer” hits you with an error message: Band From Boston.  Does Not Compute. Let’s just say this one really reminds me of Kylesa.  “Existential Risk” picks up the pace, with a blackened riff barrage and vocals bordering on death metal, until they hit a chorus that sounds like modern-day Melvins.  Did not see that coming.

“Irish Goodbye” does have more of that Torche influence, an up-tempo number with clean, almost poppy vocals.  Hell, this almost sounds like 90’s post-grunge until we get a couple of staccato riffs and the odd death growl to take things off course.  “A Stubborn Hem” closes this one off with six-and-a-half minutes of slowly-ringing despondency that definitely brings Harvey Milk to mind, with a bit of Big Business thrown in for good measure.  Hey, are we sure these guys aren’t from The Peach State?

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7.5 Rating