Overkill – White Devil Armory


When you think of modern day thrash metal, which band represents the legacy that started back in the early eighties better than Overkill? This, their seventeenth studio album, is a follow up to their previous release, The Electric Age, in 2012. For some listening to Bobby Blitz and company has been something of a thrash metal hobby for the last thirty plus years. The reason for this continuing appeal may be that someone always knows what they are getting from an Overkill release.

The album starts off with a short intro, than kicks into “The Armorist.” The song is punchy, fast, and catchy with some fantastic thrashing riffs. The song “Pigs” sounds like a punk song with killer fast drumming and fun guitar parts. If one was going to write a good thrash album they need to have a song like this, as it will keep the heads banging and the pit moving. Next is the song “Bitter Pill.” It starts out with this creepy bass line that pulls the listener in. After awhile the songs rips into some fast riffage and drumming. But the most interesting part for a listener might be the middle part of the song that sounds like a classic Sabbath riff. The rest of the album has some other interesting songs.  If the listener wants something different they might purchase the extended edition of the album that includes a couple extra songs, including a Nazareth cover.

This album has all the elements of a classic thrash album. Some might say that Overkill have never strayed to far from the thrash metal blue print, and this very solid outing just reinforces that point.

(eOne Music)

8.0 Rating