Missiles of October – Don’t Panic

Missiles of October


A Belgian band named after the Cuban Missile Crisis is not something you hear every day. Nor are they the only outfit with that moniker—there’s also a soul/folk band from California that beat them to the domain name for Missiles of October. That being said, if it came down to an armed nuclear standoff, I’d take these hardcore punksters any day! (What the fuck is soul/funk anyhoo?)

This trio’s debut album contains such titles as “Music for Hangover,” “Two Feet in Sludge” and my personal favourite, “You Pray a World of Shit.” There’s a bit of a Black Flag influence here (mind you, track B2 “Six Pack” is NOT a cover), but I also hear some NYC noise rock in the vein of Unsane. It’s a little sloppy and rough around the edges, but hey, I’d much rather listen to this than the shit they torture prisoners with at Guantanamo Bay!


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6.5 Rating