Lecherous Gaze – Zeta Reticuli Blues


First heard these guys, Lecherous Gaze, on a split with Danava and Earthless, to which they contributed a rollicking tune entitled “Get You Some.” Apparently, it was the strength of that track that got ‘em signed to Tee Pee, which issued their debut a couple years back, along with this, their second release. Well, it probably didn’t hurt that these guys used to be in an outfit called Annihilation Time, whose last album came out on that imprint. Yuuup, it seems that Tee Pee’s got a thing for legacy bands (ie Sweet Apple, Comet Control).

Anyhoo, this album opens with “End Rising,” a dirty, retro-rock number that comes off like Ted Nugent with the clap jamming alongside Black Oak Arkansas or something. (Penicillin to the rescue?) “Dog” doesn’t really wanna be your pet—it’s got some of The Stooges’ sneer, but this singer sounds more like Jesse James Dupree, and things slow down halfway through to a doom-laden interlude. Wait, and you said these guys were from the Bay Area!?

“Animal Brain” sorta sounds like the MC5 meets the Misfits, an upbeat, groovy, two-minute garage-punk tune about brains. Yeah, that seems about right. Sure enough, their take on “Baby Please Don’t Go” is most reminiscent of AC/DC’s version, while the title track, which closes the album, sounds like it spawned from the NWOBHM. No, not Priest or Maiden, but rather one of those bands that time forgot…

Bottom line: This ain’t thinking-man’s music, just some good-time jams for yer boogie van.

(Tee Pee)

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7.0 Rating