Hellbound Metalhead’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Photo lovingly stolen from LA Weekly

Photo lovingly stolen from LA Weekly

Once again, Hellbound offers you some of the best holiday gift-giving suggestions to satisfy your favourite metallers.

Compiled by Laura Wiebe with contributions from Gruesome Greg, Matt Hinch, Adam Wills and Natalie Zed.

For the literate metalhead:

The Columbine Effect by Beth Winegarner
Rejecting the discourse of moral panics, The Columbine Effect offers an alternative interpretation of the relationship between youth, violence and entertainment, encouraging us to “stop blaming teen violence on the wrong things – and help us understand how Slayer, Satanism and Grand Theft Auto can be a healthy part of growing up.” (Laura Wiebe)

Death Metal Epic Part 1: The Inverted Katabasis by Dean Swinford
Death Metal Epic follows a young death metal musician through the trials of labels, touring and the struggle for expression. (review by Matt Hinch) 

Do You Have Anything to Declare? by Kevin Stewart-Panko and Justin Smith
Co-authored by Hellbound contributor Kevi Metal, Do You Have Anything to Declare? is a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and absurdity of cross-border touring. (Laura Wiebe)

Heavy Metal: Controversies and Countercultures edited by Titus Hjelm, Keith Kahn-Harris, Mark LeVine
A collection of scholarly essays in the emerging field of metal studies, this book explores “how and why metal becomes controversial, how metal ‘scenes’ are formed,” and “how fans, musicians and the media create the culture of heavy metal.” (Laura Wiebe) (review by Craig Hayes)

Heavy Metal Movies by Mike McPadden
Not out yet but soon, Heavy Metal Movies promises to deliver a look at “the most metallic movie moments of all time.” (Laura Wiebe)

Skogtatt – A Black Metal Novella by Ulrike Sorely
A wonderful short story set in the cold, bleak mountains in the dead of winter where a black metal band practice goes horribly wrong. Illustrations by Mamiffer’s Faith Coloccia and “logo” designed by Aaron Turner. (review by Matt Hinch)


For the literate metalhead with a sophisticated palate:

The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers by Adem Tepedelen
Metal and beer have a long and close-knit history. Adem gives readers a guide to the extreme side of our favourite adult beverage. (Matt Hinch)

For the literate and cat-crazy metalhead:

Metal Cats by by Alexandra Crockett
If you’ve ever wanted to see your favourite metal musicians (and other scene members) photographed with their pet cats, now’s your chance. Plus a percentage of the proceeds go to no-kill shelters. (Adam Wills)

For drinking and dining:

Fleshgod Apocalypse Pasta and Wine
Apparently Fleshgod Apocalypse features some Italian foodies. Watch a cooking lesson from drummer Francesco Paoli, and pick up some artisan pasta and wine selections from the band’s webstore. (Laura Wiebe) 

Metal-themed Beers
It might take a little digging to track down a bottle or can but there are several metal-related beer varieties making the rounds this year. Matt Hinch recommends the Iron Maiden Trooper beer over the ACDC brew. Personally, I’ve been waiting to try the beer developed by Montreal microbrewery Hopfenstark for the release of the Voivod single “Kluskap O’Kom.” (Laura Wiebe)

For keeping warm in style:

QOTSA Burgundy Reindeer Sweater from Rekords Rekords
Not nearly as good as the Kyuss Christmas sweater, but undoubtedly more popular.  May include a piano solo from Elton John. Vista Chino Christmas sweater coming soon! (Gruesome Greg)

Satanic Knit Baphomet Sweater by Shredders Knit Apparel
This is my christmas sweater this year, and it is the best. (Natalie Zed) 

Horo Wool Cloak by Nuit
Grim indie couture – handmade and Samurai inspired. (Laura Wiebe)

For the metalhead’s home & garden decor:

black metal coffee mug
Black Metal Coffee Mug by Knifemen
Hand decorated mug. Recommended for black coffee drinkers and black metal fans. (Adam Wills)

black metal lawn gnome
Black Metal Lawn Gnome by BloodDawn
Made to order and individually handpainted. May lower the surrounding temperature by several degrees and possibly scare the neighbours. (Adam Wills)

By Crom! Winter Warrior Art Print by Rachel Kahn
Let this fictional barbarian warrior inspire you to tackle the harsh winter elements. Gallery quality Giclée print ready for framing. (Laura Wiebe) 

For some holiday flair:

Heavy Metal Nutcrackers by SamuraiWhite
Let your guests crack open some nuts in the mouth of your favourite rocker. Custom made. (Adam Wills) 

Darkthrone Stocking by DarkStormDIY
What’s the best way to repurpose an old metal shirt? Turn it into a Christmas stocking! Handmade, with leopard print “fur” on top. (Adam Wills)

For spreading holiday joy:

‘Hail Santa’ Black Metal Xmas Card by PoisonApplePrintshop
When snowmen, cherubs, and holly just won’t cut it for sending out your holiday good wishes. You can also stock up on black-metal themed cards for next Halloween. (Adam Wills)



Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.