Gaz Jennings and Michelle Nocon declare their ‘Death Penalty’ for Rise Above!


By Steve Earles

It was unlikely that Cathedral guitar legend Gaz Jennings would go into premature retirement with the demise of the already much-missed Cathedral. First he re-emerged with Septik Tank, featuring his old friend Lee Dorrian from Cathedral, and now he reveals his other new band Death Penalty, featuring none-other than the lovely Michelle Nocon from Serpentcult. The band have signed to Rise Above, surely the most perfect home for them! (It’s not like Gaz and Michelle don’t know and trust their label boss!)

Death Penalty also feature Frederik ‘Cozy’ Cosemans on drums (a good nickname for a drummer, it has a certain pedigree), and Raf Meukens on bass.

The combination of Gaz’s song-based guitar virtuosity and Michelle’s unique vocals should be a great combination.

Death Penalty will appear at the Rise Above Anniversary shows in December at the Garage, Highbury & Islington in London, England, on Fri/Sat/27/28th December 4pm.

Now, can you guess where they got their name from?

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