What Happened On Witchfinder Radio This Week (August 5th & 6th 2013)

Another exciting week on Witchfinder Radio! We kicked things off by previewing The Sword/Castel/American Sharks show that is coming up next week in Thunder Bay. We did so with an interview with main man Matt Davis. If you missed either show and want to download them, the MP3’s can be found by going to: http://luradio-server.lakeheadu.ca/2013/Witchfinder%20Radio/
Blowing Up The Lakehead Playlist For August 5th, 2013

Interview with Matt Davis of Castle
Castle – Ever Hunter (Blacklands)
Castle – Corpse Candles (Blacklands)
Interview with Matt Davis of Castle
Castle – Storm Below The Mountain (Blacklands)
Castle – Blacklands (Blacklands)

Castle – Curses Of The Priests (Blacklands)
Castle – Venus Pentagram (Blacklands)
Interview with Matt Davis of Castle
Castle – Alcatraz (Blacklands)
Castle – Dying Breed (Blacklands)
The Sword – Hawks & Serpents (Apocryphon)

The Sword – Tres Brujas (Warp Riders)
The Sword – The Frost-Giant’s Daughter (Gods Of The Earth)
The Sword – Sea of Spears (The Sword-Witchcraft-Split)
The Sword – Barael’s Blade (Age of Winters)
Trouble – Hunters of Doom (The Distortion Field)
LORD DYING – Dreams of Mercy (Summon the Faithless)

We Came As Romans – Fade Away (Tracing Back Roots)
All Else Fails – La Demencia Violenta (Fucktropolis)
Vehement Serenade – Between Seasons (The Things That Tear You Apart)
Better Left Unsaid – She Needs Violence (BetterLeftUnsaid)
Serianna – Shadowcast (Define Me)
Chimaira – All That’s Left Is Blood (Crown Of Phantoms)

Butcher Babies – In Denial (Goliath)
Damien Deadson – All Hail the Great Destroyer (Crown Me, Destroyer)
Misery Signals – Shadows And Depth (Absent Light)
Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side of Heaven (The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 1)
Deadlock – The Arsonist (The Arsonist)
My Ruin – Hour of the Wolf (The Sacred Mood)
Legion – Kneel Before Order (Woke)

Anvil – Call Of Duty (Hope In Hell)
Witches Mark – Cauldron Born (Witching Metal Ritual)
Masters of Metal – Evolution of Being (Masters of Metal)
Ramming Speed – Ashes (Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die)
FUELED BY FIRE – Symbolic Slaying (Trapped In Perdition)
Diamond Plate – Rainmaker (Pulse)
Untimely Demise – A Warrior’s Blood (Systematic Eradication)
Iron Maple Playlist For August 6th, 2013

Pyres – Deserter (Year of Sleep)
Tobeatic – The Rain She Pours Down From These Mountaintops (All To Hell)
Cauchemar – Le Feu Du Soleil (Tenebrario)
The Weir – In Silence (Yesterday’s Graves)
Terrifier – Metal Or Death(Terrifier)

Iron Kingdom – Guardian Angel (Gates of Eternity)
Evil Survives – Destroyer (
Anciients – Giants (Heart of Oak)
Goat Horn – To The Cliff (Storming the Gates)
Iron Dogs – Death’s Driver (Cold Bitch)
Jade – Breakin’ Away (If You’re Man Enough)

Metalian – Alone Again (Rock Solid)
Mastery – Blood And Bones (In The Key Of Kill)
Omega Crom – Parliament of Stone (Blood Steel Fire)
Maelstrom – Wating For My Woman (Waiting For My Woman [single]
Reckless – Drivin’ You Mad (Heart Of Steel)

Solar Eagle – Dimensional Charter (Solar Eagle (EP))
Wicked Angel – The Force Of Metal (The Remastered Collection MMIX)
Stinger – Hellbent (Manic Depressor)
Skull Fist – Get Fisted (Head öf the Pack)
SprëadEagle – Manlove It To Death (Magnus Bestia)
Warder – Alone (Escape Plan [EP])

Black Moor – Lost in the Shadows (Lethal Waters)
Aggression – Demolition (The Full Treatment)
Mortillery – Evil Remains (Murder, Death, Kill)
Mortillery – Creature Possessor (Origin of Extinction)
Aggressor – Staring Down At You (Beyond All Reckoning)
Crimson Jimson – All Of You (Freak)

Aeterna – Pray for us All (
Southern Cross – Carousel (From Tragedy)
Borealis – Breaking The Curse (Fall From Grace)
Unleash The Archers – Upon Ashen Wings (Defy The Skies)
Crimson Shadows – Quest For The Sword (Glory On The Battlefield)

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