HELLBOUND RADIO: August 18, 2013 Playlist

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Hellbound Radio airs every Sunday, 9pm-midnight EST on 101.5 Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Listen on-line at www.indifm.ca. Wanna request something or give us shit? (905) 575-2101.

Your hosts are Albert Mansour, Sean Palmerston and Kevin Stewart-Panko

BLACK BREATH – Unholy Virgin (Heavy Breathing)
SEARING I – Empty Threats (Bloodshred)
OBSCURITY – Atrophied in Anguish (Atrophied in Anguish)
WITCHCRAFT – White Light Suicide (Legend)
CENTURIES – Gelu (Taedium Vitae)
MORNE – Coming of Winter (Shadows)
EXCOMMUNICATED – The Incorruptibles (Universalis Porta)
ROCKING CORPSES – Necropolis (Rock ‘n’ Rott)
EPILEPTIC BRAIN SURGEONS – Soap (Songs in the Key of Guh)*
DEAFHEAVEN – Dream House (Sunbather)
NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS – Fire Breather (The Calydonian Hunt)
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN – When I Lost My Bet (One of Us is the Killer)
THE ACCUSED – Splatter Rock II (The Curse of Martha Splatterhead)
FUCK THE FACTS – A Coward’s Existence (Die Miserable)*
BLACK SHEEP WALL – Flesh Tomb (No Matter Where it Ends)
VHOL – Arising (VHOL)
ALTAR OF PLAGUES – A Body Shrouded (Teethed Glory and Injury)
LOST SOCIETY – Bitch, Out My Way (Fast Loud Death)
ARBOGAST – Black With Birds (Arbogast)
YAKUZA – Oil and Water (Beyul)
AGRIMONIA – Hunted (Rites of Separation)
KVELERTAK – Tordenbrak (Meir)
KEELHAUL – High Seas Viking Eulogy (Triumphant Return to Obscurity)
BENEA REACH – Awakening (Alleviat)

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.