Fatality – Psychonaut


By Matt Hinch

Earlier this year Montreal’s Barn Burner announced they were calling it quits. This bummed me out terribly. Quite terribly actually. On the bright side, one fine day Psychonaut by Toronto’s Fatality showed up in my mailbox. I threw this baby in the car stereo right away and it went a long way toward filling that void!

Much of what I loved about Barn Burner is reflected in Fatality. First and foremost, the energy! Fatality come across like high-powered heart attack juice with extra caffeine on the side. Even when they aren’t shredding ears with hyperspeed thrash, you can just feel the potential building up, ready to be unleashed through fleet fingers and feet. Secondly, Barn Burner shows were a fucking party. After spinning Psychonaut a few times I’m kicking myself for not making it out to their show in Belleville earlier this summer. These boys know how to stack the riffs for maximum party value. Tracks like “Thoughts Collide” tell you all you need to know. A blistering thrash attack with huge hooks and ripping-ass soloing. That’s what good times are made of right there. Pretty much any song on this forty-seven minute juggernaut is sure to induce a flurry of fist pumping and headbanging.

Vocalist/guitarist Spencer Levon’s raspy vocals call the band to arms as his guitar twins with that of Eylan Gordon to horn-raising effect. Bassist Adam Zlotnik makes his fearsome presence known as the bass is actually audible! Good thing too as dude can shred just as hard as Levon and Gordon. And I’m not sure what his partner in rhythm has against his kit but drummer Mason Levon absolutely hammers every piece of equipment he has.

From start to finish Fatality flat out rip on Psychonaut. One can practically taste the sweat being flung from the flying hair of band and fans alike. Catchy as hell riffs and oh-hell-yeah solos get thrown around like nobody’s business. It’s a never ending riff fest capped off by “Thrashterpiece II”, an instrumental barrage of thrash riff carnage.

Fatality make the kind of music live entertainment was meant for but still bring the shit on record. Beer soaked thrash begging to be played at ridiculous volumes. Giver!!!


Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.