Cynthesis – ReEvolution


By Rob Kachluba

For those that don’ t know, 3/4 of heavy prog metallers Zero Hour now make up Cynthesis with Enchant drummer Sean Flanegan filling in the empty seat. The Tipton brothers (Troy on bass and Jasun on guitars, respectively) have released a monster of a prog metal/rock album. While both their debut Cynthesis release and their previous band Zero Hour are in the more heavier shredding vein, ReEvolution sees the band creating a more relaxed atmoshpere with a an almost ambient Pink Floyd – like underlying vibe. The first track proper “The Grand Facade” oozes with emotion and atmosphere. Vocalist Eric Rosvold sings his heart out and is so emotional. Really, this guy is top 5 right now in rock/metal vocalists, he is just that talented. You get a really sci-fi feel from this album. It is like a painted landscape full of a rolller coaster of emotions. It still has its heavy elements with its fair share of chops and technical prowess, but this disc just reeks of class from start to finish. Epic closer “Release the Diety” is a melodic music fan’s wet dream. Things start off slow until around the 5 minute mark where the Tipton brothers pull out a tasty heavy technical riff. That leads into the finale which shows off Eric singing unlike anything I have heard from him before. Well done.

Overall, ReEvolution is something that can be listened to when you want to drift away, while never sacrificing its heaviness. This album paints a landscape of epic proportions that I have rarely heard: it is a perfect headphone experience.

(Sensory Records)

9 / 10

Sean is the founder/publisher of; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.