Check This Out: Hypertension – Primeval Tyrants Prevails


By Sean Palmerston

In early April occasional contributor Jared Hynes sent me an email asking me if I wanted to go in with him to order the newest demo from Sweden’s death/thrash/black metal combo Hypertension. Jared always has great taste, so when he sent me their bandcamp site and I sat down and checked them out I immediately said yes and asked him to include me in on the order.

In late May we received a package of cassettes of the band’s debut album, Primeval Tryants Prevails, which I have been listening to almost non-stop for the past few months. It’s easy to see exactly what it is that I like so much about this debut: the band sounds like a mixture of Razor, Venom and Motorhead with a bit of early Death mixed in. This could have come out as easily in 1987 as 2013 and, if it had, would be spoken now of in wide-eyed reverence.

Anyway, here it is, in its entirety. Give Primeval Tryants Prevails a listen and if you like go and support them via their bandcamp page.

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