A metal band in Botswana needs your help. Please give generously…

There have been several worthy online charitable causes of late, from American Psycho: The Musical to the Rob Ford Crackstarter project.  But while those crowdfunded campaigns have met their lofty earnings goals, a metal band in Botswana still needs your help.  Gaborone-based bangers Wrust still need nearly two grand to bring their metal to the masses (or at least Milan, Italy) and they only have four more days to raise the money.  Now’s your chance to help save a band in Africa–and trust me, the Christian Children’s Fund has absolutely nothing to do with this!

Although they have very few songs posted online, Wrust has been going on strong for over a decade, with two albums and an EP out on aptly-titled South African imprint Witchdoctor Records.  I definitely detect a strong Sepultura vibe to their sound, and not just cuz their singer sounds a lot like Max Cavalera.  They’ve got that same sort of third-world rawness–without all the tribal drumming, mind you.

They’re also the subject of an upcoming documentary, March of the Gods, whose student filmmakers have landed the band a slot on the Italian Solo Macello (Only Slaughterhouse?) fest alongside Red Fang and Karma to Burn.  But they need the airfare to get there, and that’s where you come in.

Though I’m not sure about the currency conversion rate, for as little as 10€, you can help send this band on their voyage to the heart of Italy.  Fifty Euros gets you a copy of the DVD, while, for 500€, you’ll be credited as an executive producer on the film–without even having to lift a finger.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

Hey, if someone’s paying 10-grand for the iPhone with the alleged Rob Ford video from those alleged Somali drug dealers, you’d think kicking a couple K towards a much nobler cause couldn’t be that big a deal…

Please give generously today.



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