Because there are no metal shows taking place at 3 pm tomorrow in Toronto…

As I’ve been alluding to in past posts (although I’m not sure anyone reads the postscript anyways), I’ve recently taken up stand-up comedy.  It was actually one of my new year’s resolutions, along with finally going to New York City (to see Neurosis, no less) and… some other stuff that I don’t need to mention in this space.

In any case, the time has come, and I will be taking part in my first Amateur Hour performance tomorrow afternoon at Absolute Comedy.  It’s about a block north of Eglinton on Yonge St, and I can attest to it being a pretty solid venue.  But if you need further convincing, click here for nine other reasons you should attend (I’ve already given you one in the headline!)

Oh, and while the show starts at 3, they advise you to be there about half an hour early.  As the club’s website warns, “If you arrive only 5 min prior to showtime, you MAY have to sit in the kitchen and watch the show on a 14” black and white screen with no sound and we will spit in your drinks.”

Hope to see some denim and leather in the audience…  Did I mention that it’s only five bucks?

Amateur Sunday Afternoon feat. (+10 other comedians) @ Absolute Comedy, 2335 Yonge St, Sunday, March 3rd. Doors @ 2:30, show starts @ 3 pm.  $5.



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