Witchfinder Radio Playlists for the Week of February 11th, 2013

Blowing Up The Lakehead Monday February 11th

Audrey Horne – Straight Into Your Grave (Youngblood)
Dead Lord – Onkalo (Goodbye Repentance)
Deville – The Knife (Hydra)
Gozu – Irish Dart Fight (The Fury Of A Patient Man)
Mother of God – Graenslandet (Anthropos)
Helker – No Chance To Be Reborn (Somewhere In The Circle)
Blodig Alvor – Mr. Molotow (Mørkets Frembrudd)
Disperse – Be Afraid of Nothing (Living Mirrors)
Coldsteel – Blood Secrets (American Idle)
CHOSEN – Diminishment (Resolution)
Ion Vein – Fools Parade (IV v2.0)
DEVOURMENT – Conceived In Sewage (Conceived in Sewage)

TSJUDER – Helvete (Desert Northern Hell)
Vreid – Black Waves (Welcome Farewell)
Necrowretch – Defiler Of Sacrality (Putrid Death Sorcery)
A Band of Orcs – In The Keeper’s Chamber (Adding Heads To The Pile)
BLOCKHEADS – This World is Dead (This World Is Dead)
Chariots of the Gods – Tides of War (Tides of War)
Idols For Dinner – Mask Of Sorrow (Tenant Of A Declining World)
Zombified – The Last Stand (Carnage Slaughter and Death)

Lightning Swords of Death – Chained to Decay (Baphometic Chaosium)
Syrophenikan – Sin Bringer, Life Giver (The Distant)
Aeon – Garden of Sin (Aeons Black)
Finsterforst – Stirbt Zuletzt (Rastlos)

Complete Failure – Drag Migrator (The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault)
PIG DESTROYER – Valley of the Geysers (Book Burner)
ROTTEN SOUND – War (Species At War)
Six Brew Bantha – Violence Fuels Hatred (Six Brew Bantha)
Shai Hulud – Medicine to the Dead (Reach Beyond the Sun)
Departures – The Home Stretch (Teenage Haze)
Hatebreed – The Language (The Divinity Of Purpose)
Tapout – H.U.G.E. (Hit Machine)
The Bronx – Style Over Everything (The Bronx (IV))
FEAR – Let’s Have A War (The Fear Record)

Voivod – Empathy for the Enemy (Target Earth)
Incite – Feel The Flames (All Out War)
Flotsam and Jetsam – Rabbits Foot (Ugly Noise)
Joel Grind – Foul Spirit Within (The Yellowgoat Sessions)
Ion Storm – God Vs Minotaur (Valley Ov Black Sickness)
Destruction – Spiritual Genocide (Spiritual Genocide)
Iron Maple, Tuesday February 12th

Interview with Sam Jacobs of Annex Theory
Annex Theory – Withered (Process Existence EP)
Annex Theory – Process Existence (Process Existence EP)
Interview with Sam Jacobs of Annex Theory
Annex Theory – A Voice for the Voiceless (Process Existence EP)
Annex Theory – Subdivisions (Process Existence EP)

Interview With Roxanne Gordey of Edge of Attack
Edge of Attack – In Hell (Edge of Attack)
Edge of Attack – The Haunting (Edge of Attack)
Interview With Roxanne Gordey of Edge of Attack
Edge of Attack – Demon (Of The Northern Seas) feat. Ivan Giannini (Edge of Attack)

Edge of Attack – Take Me Alive (Edge of Attack)
Edge of Attack – In The Night (Edge of Attack)
Interview With Roxanne Gordey of Edge of Attack
Edge of Attack – Edge of Attack (Edge of Attack)
Edge of Attack – Forever (Edge of Attack)
Interview With Roxanne Gordey of Edge of Attack
Edge of Attack – Rise Above (Edge of Attack)
Edge of Attack – The Damned (Edge of Attack)
Edge of Attack – Set The World Aflame feat. PelleK (Edge of Attack)
Edge of Attack – Crimson Rain (Original version of Edge of Attack from 2012)

Ravenscode – My Lies (District of Broken Hope)
Congression – The Absolution of a Dead Suitor (If Only)
Doll – Plastic Lies (The Ragdoll Diaries)
Oceans Will Rise – The Sins of Saints (Angels and Arsonists)
The Reckless Heroes – Looking Back (Dark Times)
Twisted Planet – King Of Titan (A Kick In The System)

Buffalo Theory – Presten’s Son (Heavy Ride)
Hidden Towers – Gainsford, AB (Cup of Blood) (Olympus Mons)
Enemy Surplus – Thrown to the Wolves (Chaos Incarnate)
Fall of Cain – 3 (Event Horizon)
Striker – Let It Burn (Armed To The Teeth)

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