Witchfinder Radio Happenings Week of October 15th, 2012

Back again from the land of the dead! It’s been an interesting few weeks here in Witchfinder Radio land, but I think I’ve managed to claw my way up and out once again! Here’s this week’s playlists as well as links to download the latest podcast type shows. Feel free to shoot any feedback or questions my way at: [email protected] or head on over to www.facebook.com/witchfinderradio

Blowing Up The Lakehead Playlist For October 15th, 2012

American Dog – Devil Dog (Poison Smile)
Michael Hannon 1
American Dog – Just Like Charlie Sheen  (Poison Smile)
American Dog – Old Dog New Tricks (Poison Smile)
American Dog – The Real Nitty Gritty  (Poison Smile)

American Dog – 2012 A.D (Poison Smile)
American Dog – Poison Smile (Poison Smile)
Michael Hannon 2
American Dog – Lust And Greed (Poison Smile)
Michael Hannon 3

American Dog – Bathroom Romance (Poison Smile)
American Dog – Splinter In Sally (Poison Smile)
Michael Hannon 4
American Dog – Off The Chain (Poison Smile)
American Dog – Can Your Pussy Do The Dog (Poison Smile)
Salty Dog – Ring My Bell Demo (Every Dog Has Its Day 2010 Reissue)

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Scratchin’ & Sniffin’ (Don’t Hear It…Fear It!)
Gypsyhawk – Overloaded (Revelry & Resilience)
Danko Jones* – Get Up (Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue)
Zodiac – Blue Jean Blues (A Bit Of Devil)
Texas Hippie Coalition – Outlaw (Peacemaker)

Cauldron* – Born To Struggle (Tomorrow’s Lost)
INVADER – Living Scared (Invader)
Tygers of Pan Tang – One of A Kind (Ambush)
TEN – The Lights Go Down (Heresy And Creed)
STEVE HARRIS – Lost Worlds (British Lion)

Kobra and the Lotus* – Sanctuary (Kobra and the Lotus)
Holyhell – Lucifer’s Warning (Darkness Visible-The Warning [EP])
Doro – Victory (Raise Your Fist In The Air)
Sister Sin – End Of The Line (
Unleash The Archers* – Upon Ashen Wings (Defy The Skies)

(* Indicates Canadian Artist)

CanKnuckle Tracks Playlist For October 16th, 2012
(CanKnuckle Tracks is all Canadian, all independent loud rock artists)

Endast – Connie Longacre (Odds Against Tomorrow
Big James Interview October 2012
Endast – Five Percent (Odds Against Tomorrow)

Endast – Livin On The Edge (Aerosmith)(Black Cloud)
Exes for Eyes – Feel Again (The Amsler Grid)
The Vilification – Season Sickness (You Can’t Force Fate)
The Vilification – Issac’s Groove (You Can’t Force Fate)
The Great Sabatini – Tiny Kingdoms (The Royal We)
The Great Sabatini – Invisible Door (Matterhorn)
The Great Sabatini – Napoleon Sodomite (Napoleon Sodomite)

Robert Zemeckis – Asleep in the Streets (Robert Zemeckis)
Robert Zemeckis – P2 Fucking Visas (Robert Zemeckis)
Tapout – 5 Minute Rounds (Hit Machine)
Tapout – Muscles Unlimited (Hit Machine)
Tapout – Full Nelson God (Hit Machine)
Heavyweight Division – Crack House Chapels (Perversion Into Gluttony (EP))
Pasquale – Banga! Banga! (Le Macchine Dell’ Inferno)
Mortor – Point Blank (Shoot ‘Em Up)

Scythia* – Video Game Medley (For The Bear)
Interview With Scythia
Live Performance of Caspian’s Rhapsody
Interview With Scythia
Scythia* – Mattawa Reel (For The Bear)

Aeterna – Beyond the Gods (Revive)
Aeterna – Pray for us All (Revive)
Wretchedpain – Whorgasm (Congregation)
Mendozza – Born With A Black Tongue (Mendozza)
Sons of Otis – Far From Fine (Seismic)
STRYKER – Possessed By Heavy Metal (7″ single)

Godstopper – Sick of Everything (Hollow Eyed Friends)(What Matters)
Marching Mind – Steps of Avaran (The Sickness and the Theory)
Heaven’s Cry – The Mad Machine (Wheels Of Impermanence)
Fen – Drunken Relief (Of Losing Interest)
We’re Doomed – How to Destroy Something Beautiful (How To Destroy Something Beautiful)

I am the station manager and loud rock director for CILU, 102.7fm in Thunder Bay. I also host four weekly 'loud rock' shows: Blowing Up The Lakehead: Monday 10pm-1am EST which plays loud rock from around the world, regardless of genre, subgenre or label affiliation. CanKnuckle Tracks: Tuesday 10pm-1am EST, plays Loud Rock by ONLY Canadian Independent bands.Anarchy In The TBay: Wednesday Midnight-1am, all punk. The Happy Go Lucky Old Time Metal Hour: Thursday Midnight-1am, old school loud rock, nothing newer than 1990.