Witchfinder Radio Updates For the Week of August 28th, 2012

A little late bringing you this one, but I hope you’ll enjoy it regardless. Here are the playlists from this week’s shows!

I’ve worked out a better system for downloading the show as well. These files will be up for one week. After that, if you want something you’ll need to email me at [email protected]

Blowing Up The Lakehead Playlist For August 27th, 2012
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Whitechapel – Hate Creation (Whitechapel)
The Forsaken – There Is No God (Beyond Redemption)
The Faceless – Accelerated Evolution (Autotheism)
Ex Deo* – I,Caligvla (Caligvla)
Dew-Scented – Thrown To The Lions (Icarus)
Crepitus – Omnipotent Necroscope (Vile Vortex)

Grave – Amongst Marble And The Dead (Endless Procession of Souls)
Grave – Perimortem (Endless Procession of Souls)
Darkness By Oath – A Cry of Terror (Voices from Nowhere)(Near Death Experience)
King of Asgard – Up On the Mountain (…to North)
MURDER CONSTRUCT – Gold Digger (Results)
Over Your Threshold – Abdicated (Facticity)

Marrow – Dead Meat (Of Slaughter and Slime)
Morgoth – Body Count (Cursed To Live)
Six Feet Under – Blood On My Hands (Undead)
LYKAION – Sick Love (Nothin’ But Death)
MANTAS – Evil Dead – Death By Metal Demo Version 1(Death By Metal)
Evocation – Desolated Spirits (Evoked From Demonic Depths)
The Okhrana** – The Cauldron (10 Month Campaign)

Ereb Altor – Boatmans Call (Gastrike)
Ihsahn – Catharsis (Eremita)
Nachtmystium – Give Me the Grave (Silencing Machine)
Nachtmystium – I Wait In Hell (Silencing Machine)
Stonehaven – DEATH FETTER (Concerning Old Strife And Man Banes)

Chthonic – Rise Of The Shadow (Final Battle At Sing Ling Temple (Live))
Kråke – Hearts Blood (Conquering Death)
MERRIMACK – Worms (The Acausal Mass)
Nachtblut – Rache (Dogma)
Auroch* – Slaves To A Flame Undying (From Forgotten Worlds)

Dying Fetus – Dissidence (Reign supreme)
PRIMATE – March of the Curmudgeon (Draw Back A Stump)
WTCHDR* – The Sacrifice (WTCHDR)
Slaughter Slashing* – Give me the gun Paul Sarrasin, give me the gun (Akasha?)
Converge – Wolverine Blues (Split w/Napalm Death)
Gojira – Planned Obsolescence (L’Enfant Sauvage)
Titan* – Myopic (Burn)
Enabler – All Hail The Void (All Hail The Void)
Agony Spawn* – Sadistic Human (Metal Vitality EP)

CanKnuckle Tracks Playlist For August 28th, 2012
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Auroch – From Forgotten Worlds (From Forgotten Worlds)
Auroch – Slaves To A Flame Undying (From Forgotten Worlds)
Auroch – Talisman For Total Temporal Collapse (From Forgotten Worlds)
Revenge – Parasite Gallows (In Line) (Scum. Collapse. Eradication)
Heavyweight Division – Memorable Cross Sodomy (Perversion Into Gluttony (EP))
Point Blank Rage – The Shreds Of Humanity (Deadly Horizon)

Marching Mind – Vertigo of Silence (The Sickness and the Theory)
Marching Mind – Astral Transmission (The Sickness and the Theory)
Titan – Warmer Months (Burn)

WTCHDR – The Preacher (WTCHDR)
Skynet – Lovesick (Skynet)
Gloria Victis – One Thousand Track Mind (Gloria Victis)
Continent – Deception (Miscreation)
End Of Crisis – A Life With Rain (Feat. Brendan Murphy) (Cycles)
Last Call Chernobyl – Odin (Set Adrift)
asightforsewneyes – Burnt Out (Alone Together)

Edge of Attack – Demon (Of the Northern Seas) (Edge of Attack)
Odinfist – The Great Thirst (Rest In Glory)
Unleash The Archers – Upon Ashen Wings (Defy The Skies)
BETRAYER – Transformation (Betrayer)
Striker – Fight For Your Life (Armed To The Teeth)
Warder – Alone (Escape Plan EP)

Black Moor – Night Danger (Lethal Waters)
Black Moor – Lethal Waters (Lethal Waters)
Titans Eve – Road to Ruin (Life Apocalypse)
Mortillery – Countless Suicide (Murder, Death, Kill)
Sons of Otis – Guilt (Seismic)

ANCIIENTS – Humanist (Ancients EP)
Shooting Guns – Sky High & Blind (Shooting Guns-Krang Split 7)
Shooting Guns – Liberator (Born To Deal In Magic  1952-1976)
BLACK WIZARD – Jesus (Mountain Bitch)
The Void  – Will Call (Broken Bottles Empty Promises)

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