If you only see one female-fronted doom metal gig in Toronto this summer, make it this one!

South of Salem, the comeback album from Portland doomsters Witch Mountain, was my 2011 album of the year.  As I said in my review for this website, “This impressive platter of heavy, Sleepy, /sludge/ had me salivating even before frontwoman Uta Plotkin uttered her first note on first course “Wing of the Lord”. And man, what a voice. Picture fronted by a female , and you’d have some idea of what this reunited Portland outfit sounds like.”  And yes, they’re that good.

That said, I always figured I’d hafta head out to the West Coast to catch ’em in concert.  Although they’ve since signed with Profound Lore Records, they’re hardly a household name.  However, it seems the band has generated enough buzz to earn a spot on this year’s Scion Rock Fest in Tampa, Florida–and naturally, they needed a way to make it back home.  Enter the Witch Mountain June 2012 North American Tour, which hits the Hard Luck Bar on June 13th.

Now, I probably wouldn’t care if they topped a bill piled high with mediocre metalcore bands (though I’d probably show up late), but the local support for this gig is pretty solid as well.  We’ve got Blood Ceremony, the greatest female-fronted progressive flute-doom band in Toronto* as well as Castle, a doomy power trio from San Francisco with Toronto roots.  Did I mention this gig is only 10 bucks?

Be there and be doomed!

WITCH MOUNTAIN, Blood Ceremony, Castle @ Hard Luck Bar, 772A Dundas St W, Wednesday, June 13th.  Doors @ 8.  $10.

*by default, but they’re still pretty awesome



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