All That is Heavy II: Ottawa is Doomed!

When they did the first edition of this event, a fundraiser for local college radio station CKCU, I remember thinking, “Damn, that’s a great lineup!”  Featuring four of Southern Ontario’s finest–Electric Magma, Gypsy Chief Goliath, Blood Ceremony and Sons of OTIS–there was really no reason that show couldn’t have happened in Toronto, cept nobody had the initiative to book it.  But when I saw the bill for the sequel this year…  Well, let’s just say the organizers are kicking it up a notch, and I definitely plan on heading up to the nation’s capital for this one.

I have seen most of these bands before and I gotta say, this is one solid bill.  I’m fairly certain that it’ll be Iron Man’s first-ever Canadian gig, and while I’ve yet to catch ’em with their new singer, “Screamin'” Dee Calhoun, there are few who can distill Sabbath like The Black Iommi, Al Morris III–which is worth the price of admission ($15 advance, $20 doors) in itself.  Blood Ceremony and Revelation last shared the stage at Montreal is Doomed, which was a great gig, though it wreaked havoc on my immune system.  And Blizaro is always good times.  Last time they were up here, they ended their set with a 20-minute keyboard solo…  Nuff said!

Hell, even the local opening acts, Monobrow and Loviatar, sound pretty decent, from what I’ve heard online.  Now I just gotta wait for Porter to do another one of those 50-per-cent-off seat sales… 😉

Speaking of killer gigs, perhaps the second-biggest show of the summer in my books (only after Maiden) to hit Toronto was announced earlier this week.  The reunited Animosity-era Corrosion of Conformity are finally coming to Canada, headlining a stacked bill that also includes Torche, Black Cobra and Gaza.  The tour hits The Opera House on June 21st, and considering that COC’s comeback album is still the best record I’ve heard all year, I’m super-stoked for this!



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