Christian Mistress – Possession

By Chris Dyck

The words “retro” and “throwback” get used a lot when describing music, especially in the rock and metal realm. In the case of Christian Mistress it goes way beyond that, sonically speaking anyway. Every single track on Possession is steeped in classic metal awesomeness. I’m hearing Stained Class era Judas Priest, a little Diamond Head, Heart and a kinda thrashy punk vibe. Someone said that they “distill classic heavy metal into the sound of now”… I would say that is a pretty accurate description, but they do lay the 79-83 sound on us pretty thick. So I’d say it is more “then” than “now”, by a mile.

The songs themsleves? Well, the first song is a winner for sure, the latter half of “Conviction” crushes, awesome guitar work, total shredder and “The Way Beyond” is a shit kicker. The more I listen to this record the more I dig it. These bros and ladybro can write bad ass metal for sure, and as much as I want to take some points off for shitty drum sounds and overall kinda weak production…I’m not going to, it’s a fucking fun Metal record so whatever. Hopefully next time they will try to polish it up just a bit, no need to intentionally have a weak drum sound, I get it…but I’m not feeling it. Just a bit more quality on the instrument sounds would be rad, Christine Davis‘ vocals are unreal. She brings up visions of mystics and gypsies and pentagrams whilst simultaneously summoning various skids from heavy metal parking lots, and I have heard she kills it live.

Overall these guys are pretty gnar. Pretty great little album considering it is only their second release. Relapse was smart to grab these guys, I think they will do pretty good this coming year. I am gonna go check them out next time they are in town for sure. If you dig NWOBHM you will dig this for sure and if you dont, there is probably something wrong with you?


Sean is the founder/publisher of; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.