Hey, wanna see KYUSS LIVES! on New Year’s Eve? Got 200 bucks to spare?

How can you tell I’m broke?  Here I am bitching about the price of concert tickets for the second time this month.  Right now, I’ve got just enough money in my chequing account to buy a five-dollar footlong sub, once you add the HST.  Good thing I get paid on Tuesday…

Anyways, I was looking at Rotate This’ concert tickets page to check if they were selling tix for Deep Purple (negative!), when I saw something interesting.  Apparently, Kyuss Lives! is doing a second show in Toronto this year–on New Year’s Eve, no less–at tiny Queen & Bathurst bar Cherry Cola’s.  Aye, but here’s the rub.  This “once in a lifetime opportunity” will set you back a cool 200 big ones.

To say that I’m tempted would be an understatement, but damn, that’s a pricey ticket.  I’m not usually one for meet-and-greets, and as such, I can’t recall ever spending that much on a single gig.  Then again, had Kyuss not came to town in October, I probably woulda dropped a couple hundred in travel and hotel costs to catch ’em somewhere close by.  But that’s the thing, I’ve already seen ’em for less–and I was right up front for their show at the Sound Academy, too.  Is getting to touch John Garcia really worth an extra 150?

As for the venue, I have been there before, and I can say that their stage is tiny.  The place makes the Bovine Sweatbox seem cavernous by comparison.  I first went there when it was the Rok Boutique and they had no stage, and while they’ve spruced the place up a bit, it’s still not the ideal set-up.  Here’s what I had to say about it back in March:

If I were them, I’d fire their tour manager, especially after he booked his eight-piece outfit onto one of the smallest stages available this weekend at the Fauxvine Sex Club known as Cherry Cola’s.  The place hasn’t gotten any bigger since the owner of the Rok Boutique decided to stick a stage right next to the front door, although they’ve put some red wallpaper up over the pink walls, and added some mirrors and lites that look like candles, but aren’t.  More interestingly, there’s at least one window with a live burlesque dancer in it–possibly more, though I stayed at the front of the venue.  Let me tell ya, the funk music playing beforehand was much more her speed than the East Indian trad metal, though she kept her ass in time for the most part…

Even with a small crowd, the place is pretty cramped.  With 100 bodies in there, it would be packed to the tits.  But are there that many people in the GTA willing to shell out that kinda cash for this?  I dunno, I might hafta wait till these tickets go up on Groupon…

That said, if you’re wondering what to get your favourite Hellbound blogger for Christmas, you could always buy me a ticket for this gig, or even for that Deep Purple show in February. 😉



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