The Rocketman singing Iron Man!? Run to the Hills!

After an impressive performance at the Charlie Sheen Roast, where he outshone several so-called professional comedians, William Shatner was firmly in my good books.  A true Canadian icon; all past sins were forgiven.  But then I heard this.

Oh man Captain Kirk, what the fuck were you thinking?  I’ve shat better-sounding notes than Shat’s vocal performance on here.  I mean, it was kinda funny when he did Elton John, or Pulp’s “Common People,” but I can’t see too many people going for this.  Not only is the singing on this abomination bad enough, but he gets Zakk Wylde on guitar to throw his pinch harmonics all over the (admittedly overplayed) Sabbath classic.  I guess this must his way of getting back at Ozzy…

Anyways, here’s six and a half minutes of your life that you’ll never get back:



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