The guitar player from Solstice and the bass player from Pagan Altar log on to a board. Hilarity ensues!

Although it’s not as active as it used to be, I still consider the Hellride Music Forum as one of the best boards to discuss doom, due to the large number of doom metal musicians who post there regularly.  Rather than getting certain information second- or third-hand, it’s sometimes better to hear it from the source.  Take this posting about the new Pagan Altar/Mirror of Deception split 7″, for instance, in which PA bassist Manny Cooke reveals that the song his band contributes is a guide track–not the full lineup, just Al & Terry Jones with a drum machine.  What happens next can only be described as a flame war of epic proportions, the best bit of doom drama not involving Bobby Liebling since Andy Beresky’s breakdown epiphany.

Solstice guitarist Rich Walker, known around these parts as a true doom messageboard warrior, jumps into the fray, claiming his right to criticize due to the fact that he helped get the band back off the ground at the turn of the century.  The ensuing six-page discussion offers a revealing (if perhaps not 100 per cent factual) look at one of the most mysterious acts in British doom–as well as Extreme Noise Terror, circa 2001.  If you’ve got nothing better to do on this shitty Saturday afternoon–protesting against capitalism not being your thing–then I encourage you to read it for yourself.  You may come away with a different view on some of the artists involved, I must say.

Cuz you can never get too low when youre so damn high on the blessed Hellride!



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