Noothgrush – Live For Nothing

By Gruesome Greg

Sludge and college radio go together like chloroform and a dirty rag, so it’s only fitting that the new Noothgrush compiles two college radio appearances they made in the late 90’s. (The band broke up in 2001, FYI.) All in all, we’ve got eighteen tracks for more than 82 minutes of low-fi, live-off-the-floor sludge, the way it’s meant to sound.

Stylistically, the band falls somewhere between Sleep and Eyehategod, with slow, heavy-fuzz riffs and unintelligible angry vocals that sorta border on black metal territory at times. The recording has been cleaned up a bit by Brad Boatright, though it still maintains its oozing, evil vibe.

A solid unearthing from the vaults for those of you who dug sludge before the hipsters mucked it up.

(Southern Lord)

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