Another lazy doom Sunday… with TOTIMOSHI!

Sundays are somewhat of a strange day for a metal gig.  Typically, it’s when you wind down from the weekend and get ready for the work week ahead.  It’s not often that the highlite of the weekend happens on a Sunday nite, but that was the case last week, when we got a good dose of CBCB — Castle, Blood Ceremony and Blizaro, that is — at the Smiling Buddha.

And wouldn’t you know it, there’s another gig this Sunday, as desert rockers Totimoshi take their strange sounds to Toronto on their tour for their latest, Avenger.  Word has it they’ll be hawking copies of a split EP they did with the Melvins; hopefully they’ve still gotta couple copies left.

And while I’m not familiar with either of the local openers, word has it that Greg Rogers will be in the house.  I’ll hafta ask him what working with Wino was like. 😉

Totimoshi with Eyeswithoutaface and Triamazikamno @ Hard Luck Bar, 812 Dundas W.  Doors @ 8.  $10.

I’m also gearing up for next weekend, when I’ll be heading down to Rochester Rock City to see the mighty Pentagram in concert.  Caught ’em in Cleveland early last year during Russ Strahan’s Last Stand, and wouldn’t you know it, the lineup has changed completely, Bobby now being backed by Place of Skulls–most notably Victor Griffin on guitar.  To many, myself included, Griffin is THE Pentagram guitarist, having been a part of the Death Row era when the band was at their most prolific.  I’m certainly stoked that he’s back in the fold.  Oh, and having local doom titans Orodruin open the show is definitely an added bonus!  I dig Blizaro, one of the other faces of the multi-talented John Gallo, but I kinda miss seeing his primary project up ’round these parts.

After the gig next Saturday, I’ll be headed down to Cooperstown to check out Robbie Alomar’s plaque in the Hall of Fame.  So that’s another Sunday for me to look forward to.  That said, I have no plans for September 4th at this present time.



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