Totimoshi – Avenger

By Gruesome Greg

Album number six from grungey experimental desert rockers Totimoshi. Not only do they wear their Melvins and Neurosis influences on their sleeves—they actually got Dale Crover and Scott Kelly to make guest appearances on this record.

“Mainline” is a slow, sludgy depressive tune, a depressing shot of whiskey to the veins, before it goes off into leftfield like a bad acid trip. “Calling All Curs” is another zonked-out number, a trippy instrumental featuring buzzsaw surf guitar and pounding acid rock drums. What starts out as a fairly straight-ahead tune in “Opus” turns into a wild, psychedelic rocker worthy of its title. The ending of penultimate tune “Snag” and album-closer “Waning Divine” give Avenger a bit of a NeurIsis feel at its apex.

This record runs the gamut from cool to quirky to slightly-boring alt-rock slog, leaving no stone unturned along the way. Not for the closed of mind.

(At A Loss)

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