Autopsy – Macabre Eternal

By Rob Kachluba

I don’t give out many 10s. In fact, I think my only other one was Sacrifice’s The Ones I Condemn. Rarely does this happen when a band that hasn’t released a full length in over fifteen years can come up with such a monster release like Macabre Eternal is. Usually reunion albums are half-assed affairs but nobody told Autopsy on how this usually works. This is pure slime infested, gore ridden, putrid death metal done the only way Autopsy can deliver.

First thing you notice on this album is the clarity on the production. You finally get an organic sound that enables you to really hear on how really great songwriters they really are. I’m not talking over produced modern loud mastering but a clear tone that makes you suck in all the death dealings they deliver. Danny and Eric perform some tasty solos that are very unique to the Autopsy sound. Chris Reifert’s singing is as horrific as ever. He spews and gargles in and around his demonic drumming that is both twisted and genius.

Opener “Hand of Darkness” is classic Autopsy followed by “Dirty Gore Whore” that has this awesome midsection with a repetitive hypnotic riff that is epic in scope. Chris’ vocals on this are as twisted as I have ever heard. The riffs on this album are abundant and come fast and furious and, as I mentioned, lots of care went into clearly placed soling. Hell, there’s even an acoustic part with female vocals (mind you they are tortured screams, lol). There’s plenty of speed on this LP but also some nice sludgy parts that make your skin crawl.

I just can’t rate this album high enough. This has to be the death metal comeback album of all time. All these new death metal fans need to hear and know about these California gods. Hell, even Dismember considers their Mental Funeral album right up there with Reign in Blood – and honestly you can hold up Macabre Eternal to both Mental FuneralandServered Survival. And is that awesome.


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