A Storm of Light – As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade

By Gruesome Greg

If you guessed by the album title that A Storm of Light plays post-metal, congratulations! You win a new car! (Car not included.) Nevertheless, this is some pretty decent stuff, album number three from the NYC trio that features Neurosis collaborator Josh Graham.

Opening track “Missing” sets the tone, a lengthy, winding epic that falls somewhere between Neurosis and The Womb. “Collapse” has a mellow verse that falls down into a deep heavy groove, sounding somewhat like their Profound Lore label mates YOB. “Black Wolves” lightens the mood with some laid-back, melodic riffs—before a slow and heavy chorus pounds you into dust.

“Destroyer” is more structured, veering slightly into alt-rock territory, albeit while maintaining that haunting atmospheric edge. “Wretched Edge” wouldn’t sound outta place on a mid-period Neurosis record, say Through Silver in Blood… Neurosis is definitely a major influence (they were previously signed to Neurot, in fact), but this album is more inventive than derivative. I dig it.

(Profound Lore)

As We Become the Valley of Death, Our Silver Dreams Fade will be released by Profound Lore on May 17th

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