Tonite’s your only chance to buy Blood Ceremony’s new album…

Unless you order it online, that is.  I’ve seen plenty of copies of the new Ghost and Electric Wizard records around town, but when it comes to Living with the Ancients, Metal Blade seems to have dropped the ball.  I can appreciate that these things probably aren’t flying off the shelves in North America, but you’d think there’d still be some interest in getting a record by Toronto’s biggest doom metal band on the shelves of Toronto’s major record stores.  I mean, it’s not like we’re talking about a semi-obscure outfit from Japan like Church of Misery here, or an underground American band like The Gates of Slumber…  (Bought both of their latest ones online–thanks Metal Blade!)

It could be worse, I suppose.  Remember when Rise Above partnered with The Music Cartel?  Hell, Blood Ceremony’s debut album was distributed domestically by Candlelight, but never showed up round here till the band put on a CD release party, some nine months after the fact.  (Good thing I got a promo copy for radio…)  I gotta say, that was one helluva gig, though!

Fortunately, we won’t hafta wait as long this time around, since the band will be releasing its second opus tonite at The Garrison before heading off on a European tour with their ghastly label mates.  Support comes from Blizaro–a psychedelic side-project of Rochester doom titans Orodruin–who’ve had their name misspelled on many a gig listing, including the venue’s.  (Can’t they read the poster!?  The other bands’ names are pretty small, but still…)  Opening the show is local heavy psych trio Holy Mount, who are worth showing up early for.  Doors open at 9, but I wouldn’t expect them to go on before 10.  After all, this isn’ t the Metalliance tour we’re talking about…

In a bout of bad scheduling, there is another heavy gig taking place a few blocks east this evening.  Ottawa’s most fucked-up downer-rock duo Muffler Crunch are in town supporting local scene stalwarts Electric Magma and semi-supergroup  Gypsy Chief Goliath at the Hard Luck Bar.  If female-fronted flute doom isn’ t your thing, for whatever reason, then Hard Luck is better than no luck at all.

Blood Ceremony Living with the Ancients CD Release with Blizaro, Holy Mount @ The Garrison, 1197 Dundas W, $8, Doors @ 9.

Gypsy Chief Goliath with Electric Magma, Muffler Crunch, Devilz by Definition @ Hard Luck Bar, 812 Dundas W, (probably) $5, Doors @ 8.



P.S.: I’ll be playing some brand new Blood Ceremony on Smokin’ Green tonite along with tunes by Electric Wizard, Ghost, Church of Misery, The Gates of Slumber, Witchcraft and other bands from the Rise Above Records vault.  Be sure to tune in from 1 till 3 am at 88.1 fm on yer radio, channel 947 on yer TV or on yer computer!  Playlist and podcast posted over here afterwards.

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