Red Fang – Murder the Mountains

By Gruesome Greg

Back in the day, Sea of Green moved the mountains on their Northern Lights EP, but Red Fang takes things one step further, putting a gun to those mountains’ heads, and making them beg for their lives before pulling the trigger on Murder the Mountains. Alas, the gruff vocal stylings on opening track “Malverde” are more reminiscent of Mister Bones, while “Wires” is a tasty strip of angular sludge a la Fiftywatthead.

Elsewhere, the album crawls along at a slug’s pace, tunes reaching the five-minute mark with ease. “Painted Parade” sounds a little like Kylesa, with its drum-driven intro and vocals channelling Phil Cope. “Number Thirteen” sounds the most like something offa their self-titled record, but for the most part, album number two is one sludgy step forward for the Fang.

(Relapse Records)

Murder the Mountains will be released on April 12, 2011

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