G.G. Allin/Antiseen split picture disc

By Gruesome Greg

While G.G. Allin’s legacy hasn’t been exploited as much as Elvis, Tupac or Kurt Cobain, it seems that people are still dragging out his rotting corpse to make a buck or two, such as southern label Rusty Knuckles has done with this split 10 inch picture disc.

A very lo-fi effort with distorted, fuzzy guitars, Allin proves to be slow and sludgy on tracks like “I Love Nothing”and “War in My Head”. The faster parts are still little more than mid-paced. Clearly, the focus here is on the deranged ramblings of the frontman, and the six cuts are short, sweet and to the point. Nice use of cowbell on “Violence Now” along with militant backing vocals.

The B-Side of the record has GG Allin fronting Antiseen for four songs, namely “Rape, Torture, Terminate and Fuck,” “Kill the Police,” “I Hate People” and “My Prison Walls,” recorded in North Carolina in 1991. Musically, Antiseen is noticeably slower than the Murder Junkies, with better backing vocals. “I Hate People” is probably the best tune on either side of the record, though it does get kinda preachy…

If you feel the need to purchase every recording with G.G. Allin’s name on it, you’ve probably already pre-ordered this. From the casual fan’s perspective, it’s nothing too special.

(Rusty Knuckles)

Rating: 6

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