Holy shit! Hellbound.ca Won An Award!

Well, this is a little unexpected, but earlier tonight (November 20th) Hellbound.ca won an award in our hometown! Hellbound.ca was named WEBSITE/ONLINE PUBLICATION OF THE YEAR at the 2010 Hamilton Music Industry Awards. Pretty good considering we didn’t know we were nominated till last week…

This wouldn’t have happened without all of the great writers and photographers that have worked so hard on Hellbound.ca over the last 17 months since our June 1, 2009 launch. Thank you to all of them for their hard work, and thank you to you for being one of the 124,000 unique visitors we have had on the site since last November 20th.


Sean Palmerston

Publisher – www.hellbound.ca

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.