Double Down gets two greasy thumbs up…

Anyone remember the last time a burger had an official release date?  Well, when KFC announced that it was bringing the wildly successful bun-less Double Down sandwich to Canada, they gave it one: October 18th.

The Toronto Star warned us of its high-calorie count well before it hit our shores, and the Toronto Sun pointed out that while the double-chicken sandwich is not much fattier than a Big Mac, it contains more sodium than a Triple Whopper with Cheese.  The Double Down was so intimidating that Ontario’s health promotion minister considered banning it, though she later backed, erm, down.

Suffice to say, I had never seen so much ado about a chicken sandwich.  Being the connoisseur of greasy chicken products that I am, I was determined to Double Down on its opening weekend.  (The last movie I saw on its first weekend of release?  Fubar 2, natch!)

Early this afternoon, I headed to the KFC/Taco Bell location at Queen and Augusta, the one that usually has punkers, buskers or bums sitting on its stoop.  (None today, though.  I guess 11 was too early for ’em…)  I was greeted by a friendly old Chinese lady, whose voice I swear I heard in Dude, Where’s My Car? I even let her upsell me on a poutine.  Double Down and poutine!?  That’s suicide, right?

Wrong.  Despite the promotional pictures depicting two chicken breasts the size of hub caps, the sandwich was rather small, and could easily fit in one hand.  Wrapped in wax paper, it didn’t get my digits too greasy until I was nearing the end.  The bacon was a nice touch, although the processed cheese wasn’t melted, and tasted cold in comparison to the chicken, which was fresh from the oven.  That being said, lumpy KFC gravy is no substitute for de la vraie sauce en can when it comes to poutine…

VERDICT: While I’ve never been baked enough to ask for a Land, Sea and Air burger, the double-chicken -and-bacon sandwich is an idea I’d actually like to see in more restaurants.  Two greasy thumbs up!



P.S.: Tonite’s episode of Smokin’ Green features some meaty, fatty tuneage as I double down with the likes of Black Mountain, Burning Brides and Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound.  Be sure to tune in from 1 till 3 am at 88.1 fm on yer radio, channel 947 on yer TV or on yer computer!

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