Hellbound Handshake Clip Of The Week: Pentagram live at MDF VIII

Lucky number seven! Here is the seventh installment in our (almost) weekly video series courtesy of the cool folks over at Handshake Inc.  and this one is another serious treat.

Pentagram played one of their highest profile shows in the USA in May when they were one of the bands to play outdoors at the Maryland Deathfest on the final day. Their set that day was one of my most anticipated sets of the weekend and when I fuond out that Victor Griffin was back in the fold I was even more excited. Their entire set was killer this day and thankfully it was all filmed by Handshake Inc for a future DVD release.

The video here is for the track “Forever My Queen“, one of their oldest ace cuts. It was the leadoff track on the now quite rare Human Hurricane compilation and it later appeared in a much cleaner, more pristine form on the excellent First Daze Here compilation. Please check out this raging live version of it, which clearly shows that after all the years and personal demons he’s had to endure that Bobby Liebling still has it. Wow, does he ever.

Consider yourself warned, this Pentagram DVD is gonna be a goodie. Here’s some early proof why…

Untitled from Hellbound.ca on Vimeo.

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