Solution 45-For Aeons Past


By Rob Kachluba

As most of you know by now, Solution 45 is the old Scar Symmetry singer’s new band. For that reason it is impossible not to compare this album to Scar Symmetry’s newest CD. Both discs are steeped in melodic death metal. Solution 45 is really a showcase for the clean vocals of the singer and he really slays on every track, displaying a much higher range than on any of the old Scar Symmetry releases. Solution 45 also has created more mellow tracks than you will hear on any Scar Symmetry disc, but the formula is basically the same: verse with death grunts, pre-chorus with clean vocals, chorus with clean vocals and rasps, shredding guitar solo, etc, etc. The songs are formulaic as hell, but catchy enough to make it enjoyable. There are some really hooky/catchy choruses with Christian’s fantastic clean singing. Also this band is a bit more on the proggy side then S.S., but in the end one has to wonder why he left because really Solution 45 sounds a lot like S.S. Something tells me he had to leave! Recommended for melodic death metal fans but the test of time will be how much lasting power this continues to have.

(AFM Records)

Rating: 7.0

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