Racebannon – Wrap The Body


By Kevin Stewart-Panko

Indiana’s Racebannon isn’t so much a punk band as they are a genre-destroying, convention-bending force of fuckupedness. However, when you think about it and the original edicts of punk rock, this means they could be the most iconoclastic band currently making the rounds or the biggest sack of shit humanity’s ears have ever had the displeasure of bothering to clear out the wax for. I know people on both sides of the debate; shit, after listening to the band’s last full-length, Acid or Blood, and seeing them live at Dudefest a year or two ago, I’ve found myself on both sides of the debate. In order to stoke the polemic fire just that little bit further, we have Wrap the Body, the band’s attempt at a DJ-styled 12”. They’ve taken the title track, which in and of itself could loosely be described as a cross between Mindfunk, Was (Not Was) and Mastodon, and deliver various versions, including guest vocals and rappers, acapella and instrumental renditions. It’s all pretty chaotic as tracks fly between chaotic, unaccompanied screaming reminiscent of The Blood Brothers’ yelping dual vocalists and mix tape beats and hip-hop sounds straight from the Casio-powered 80s.

Wrap the Body is a neat little experiment, but is likely only bound to be wholly accepted and tolerated by Racebannon die-hards, masochistic punishment gluttons and maybe even the occasional DJ. It’s probably a good thing that only 500 of these have been pressed.

(Joyful Noise)

Ratimg: 6.0

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