HELLBOUND RADIO: July 11th, 2010 Playlist

So in our ongoing new efforts to show the world that we have one of the most diverse metal radio shows on the planet, here is the playlist to last night’s edition of Hellbound Radio. This is our last show with all three of us for a while, as Kevin Stewart-Panko heads out on tour with CEPHALIC CARNAGE later this week. He will be tour-managing them for the first half of this summer’s SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour and we wish him the best of luck!

Hellbound Radio airs every Sunday night from 9 PM until midnight on INDI 101 in Hamilton, Ontario. Listen live online at http://www.indifm.ca

Your hosts are Albert Mansour, Kevin Stewart-Panko and Sean Palmerston


SAXON – 747 (Strangers in the Night) (Wheels of Steel, 1980)
ZENITHAL – Death Race (Death Race, 2010)
FASTKILL – Bloodbath (Nuclear Thrash Attack, 2004)
NIGHTBRINGER – Excitium – Litany of the Devouring Earth (Apocalypse Sun, 2010)
ATTOMICA – Dying Smashed (Attomica, 1987)
BLACK TUSK – Snake Charmer (Taste the Sin, 2010)
GYPSYHAWK – For Those Who Love The Lizz (Patience and Perseverance, 2010)
JAGUAR – Out of Luck (Power Games, 1983)
STRIKER – Eyes In The Night (Eyes In The Night, 2010)
BONDED BY BLOOD – 600 A.B. (After the Bomb) (Exiled to Earth, 2010)
METALLICA – Seek and Destroy (Jump in the Fire EP, 1983)
SLAYER – Mandatory Suicide (South of Heaven, 1988)
THE LAST FELONY – Too Many Humans (Too Many Humans, 2010)
INTO ETERNITY – Selling God (Dead or Dreaming, 2001)
YOB – Doom #2 (The Illusion of Motion, 2004)
CEPHALIC CARNAGE – Dying Will Be The Death of Me (Anomalies, 2005)
LAMB OF GOD – Ruin (As the Palaces Burn, 2003)
SUICIDAL ANGELS – Beyond The Laws of Church (Sanctify the Darkness, 2010)
BORIS – Laser Beam (Smile, 2008)
DEMON – Commercial Dynamite (Taking the World by Storm, 1989)
RAGE – The Edge of Darkness (Strings to a Web, 2010)
KEEP OF KALESSIN – Dragon Iconography (Reptilian, 2010)
SODOM – Witching Metal (The Final Sign of Evil, 2007)
BITTER END – Corrupted Souls (Guilty as Charged, 2010)
BRAINSTORM – Worlds are Coming Through (Liquid Monster, 2005)
KVELERTAK – Offernatt (Kvelertak, 2010)
CROWBAR – All I Had (I gave) (Live +1, 1994)
DEMOLITION HAMMER – Infectious Hospital Waste (20 Years of Century Media, 2010)
ROTTENNESS – The Extasis of an Orgasm While I’m Standing in a Pile of Dead Bodies (Sickening Chronologies, 2009)
DORO – Always Live to Win (Fight, 2002)
GOATSNAKE – Flower of Disease (Flower of Disease, 2010 re-issue)
PRETTY MAIDS – Rock the House (Lethal Heroes, 1990)
SORGELDOM – I Kloaken Lattar Vi Ankar (Inner Receivings, 2010)

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.