Skitliv – Skandinavisk Misantropi


By Ola Mazzuca

A primary outlet to release frustration against everyday life and ‘same-old-routine’, music can reflect one’s feelings towards society and the future in store for them, which is why this blackened doom quartet has chosen such a brilliant name to represent the influence of their sound, for Skitliv translates to none other than “shit life” in Swedish.

If Skandinavisk Misantropi translates to Scandinavain Misanthropy, does that mean that Skitliv has hatred towards their own kind, or does it portray the hatred Scandinavians have towards the human race in general? This album presents a number of considerably solemn questions as it evokes the feeling of grim dissatisfaction.

The ambience of the record’s intro “Luciferon” sets the moody tone, with soundscapes hollow and strange that gradually mesh into the heavily doom-laden “Slow Pain Coming”. “Hollow Devotion” is surely an honorable mention with Kvarforth’s guitarwork brought to the table.

Although the album stands at only eight tracks in length, it is far from leaving you vexed with its depth in sounds of solitude. With “A Valley Below”, a fine cross between black and doom and the raw, pummeling noise of “Densetsu”, Skandinavisk Misantropi is a great piece of work.

Whether you welcomed Maniac’s presence in Mayhem or not, he’s still producing his brooding, melancholy darkness with his Swede-Norsk comrades in Skitliv. His creativity has not solely built strong instrumental aspects, for it has brought Skitliv to a whole new emotive level.

On Maniac’s spoken word monologue-esque intro on the title track, he spews: “I am stuck in this world of shit-stained tears” along with other expressive verses that may lead you to question; aren’t we all sometimes?

(Season of Mist)

Rating: 8.5

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