Savage Messiah: Insurrection Rising

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By Jonathan Smith

The full-length debut from UK’s Savage Messiah, Insurrection Rising is a decent cut of thrash metal that ultimately doesn’t transcend its sub-genre. There are some moments that’ll certainly get heads banging, with Sy Taplin’s riffs standing out on tracks such as “In Absence of Liberty” and “The Serpent Tongue of Divinity.” However, overall there’s a lack of album-defining moments to be found here. Dave Silvers’ vocals are appropriately thrashy, but his use of high-pitched backing echoes feels a little overdone at times. Lyrically the album frequently focuses on the evils of religion and authority. Though it’s good to see Savage Messiah adopt the anti-establishment and serious-minded slant of thrash acts past, their handling of the themes comes off as clichéd too often here. It’s worth remembering, however, that the band is still fairly new to the scene. The elements that make up Insurrection Rising need a more unique identity, but there’s certainly room for growth here. Thrash aficionados in particular might want to give Savage Messiah a shot, if only to acknowledge their arrival. Insurrection Rising comes off as formulaic, but basic formulas are often the first step toward something greater.

(Candlelight USA)

Rating: 5.5

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